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Stump Grinding

The most efficient way to complete a tree removal.



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On average it costs between $100-$125 for a typical stump. While the main factor is stump diameter, other things like access and tree species can affect the price.

You can rent a stump grinder, but unless you're experienced, and the teeth are new, it will almost always be cheaper (and less frustrating) to hire us :)


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When we grind a stump we will setup barriers to protect rocks and debris from hitting buildings or vehicles. The stump is ground to about 6" below ground level to allow for planting grass over top.

During the grinding process the sawdust mixes with soil and provides a nice mulch. We take away excess sawdust leaving a small mound that ends up settling to ground level within a few days.

IMG_0713 2.HEIC
IMG_0713 2.HEIC

Request a quote

The easiest way to get a price on your stump is to text us a picture of the stump and the measurement of it at its widest point at ground level.

Most stumps we can get to within

a day or two!

TEXT 204-816-8733

Or contact us using the form on our site!

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